It's the freshness and the quality of our ingredients that really sets our MISO apart.

Our ingredients, the smart contracts that MISO runs on, are handpicked by Chef Gonpachi himself then carefully cultivated in the MISO garden until they're ready for service. All of the smart contracts used are tried and tested, open-source contracts in use by some of the biggest names in Ethereum and DeFi - specially prepared with a bit of added MISO flavour.

In part due to the story of SushiSwap itself, there is a rising call in the crypto community for open, solid launch mechanisms in all new projects - something SushiSwap benefits from as much as the projects themselves. MISO aims to build on the SushiSwap experience by providing communities and projects easy access to the smart contracts and mechanisms they need to get their token up and trading on SushiSwap. So they can stay focused on their own success.

Below is a list of the current "Ingredients" used in our MISO kitchen at launch. Check back often as we're always on the look out for new ingredients to add to MISO, so we can leave our customers happy and ready to move on to their main course of Sushi.

Ingredient Groupings and Contract Specifics

Factory - Minting of new tokens

  • Fixed Token - Standard ERC20

  • Mintable Token - ERC20 with minting capabilities and access control

  • SushiToken - ERC20 mintable with governance and access controls

Market - Initial Token Offerings; Fixed Price and Dutch Auction options

  • Crowdsale - Fixed price token swap / ICO contract

  • Dutch Auction - Declining priced auction designed to get the best price

  • Batch Auction - All commitments get split pro rata at the end of the auction.

  • Hyperbolic auction - Price starts at infinity and drops to the minimum price.

Liquidity - Migration of a portion of raised funds to SushiSwap

  • Post Auction Launcher - After an auction is successful, a portion of the auction proceeds can be converted to SushiSwap liquidity tokens and locked up for a period of time.

Ingredients - Work In Progress

Farms - Options for immediate locking away of Minted Tokens inside various Farm types. Current proposal focusing on updating the MasterChef contracts to support custom rewards.

Fermentation Vaults - Vaulting and escrow of Minted Tokens and interaction with Market funds. Current implementations include Multi-Sig and Timelock vaults.


Contracts are deployed and verified as they are being developed and released. Below are the most recently documented contract addresses.

Latest MISO Smart contracts that have been deployed and verified

"goerli": { 


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