MISOTokenFactory Contracts

It is a factory through which tokens are created of different flavors. It requires a template of a token which is deployed and initialized with respective properties for a token.

Create a token

function addTokenTemplate(address _template)

First we need to add token to our contract. Different templates are available on MISO including fixed token and mintable token. Additional templates can be implemented and added to the factory

function createToken(
        uint256 _templateId,
        address payable _integratorFeeAccount,
        bytes calldata _data

Give this function your template id with data. Data is in abi encoded form which can be retrieved from the template code. This data is decoded to respective parameters such as name, symbols which are then used to initialize the token properties. Create token ultimately creates the token.

function deployToken(
        uint256 _templateId,
        address payable _integratorFeeAccount
        returns (address token)

This function creates a clone of a token and returns the token address to createToken function. The function also handles the fees for the devs.

Read only functions

function getTokenTemplate(uint256 _templateId) public view returns (address tokenTemplate)

As the name suggests returns template address for the given template id

function numberOfTokens() public view returns (uint256)

Returns total number of tokens currently launched through MISO Token Factory

function getTemplateId(address _tokenTemplate)

Returns the id of the template for the specified address

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