Token Minting & Verification

For any project wanting to use MISO, it all starts with actually having a token. We've made it easy for projects to mint their own tokens using tried and tested contracts - a benefit for their own peace of mind, but also for their community and investors who may not have the ability to verify token contracts themselves. No more hidden functions, no more (????) next to total supply on EtherScan - everything from the MISO factory is taste tested and quality assured to be delicious.

The token types chosen for MISO cover the most likely and popular use cases, new token types will be vetted and added as options to the Factory as MISO evolves and the needs of SushiSwap projects change.

Use of the token factory is not necessary for a project to utilise any other sections of MISO, MISO supports custom tokens created outside of our factories as well. Similarly, the Token Minting functions can be utilized standalone. Just select your Token Type, it's Name, Ticker and how many you'd like to mint - then mint and send them on to your account. Give it a try today!

The Token Types

Fixed Supply

A "standard" ERC20 token with a fixed supply and protections against further token minting or burning. Enter a name and a ticker for your token, decide the total that will ever exist and away you go.


An ERC20 token with a function allowing further minting at a later date. Creators will have to assign an owner for the minting controls.

Sushi Tokens

THE Sushi token - minting and governance. With it's unique attributes originally based on Compound's Governance Alpha smart contracts, Sushi tokens function similar to mintable tokens but with additional capabilities built into the token. Creators will have to assign an owner address for token functions during minting.

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