Permission Lists

Work In Progress

We have added lists to our markets with a number of use cases in mind, though we expect projects launching on MISO will find a bunch more! Our MISO lists are a way to control, wallet-by-wallet, the total value available to a participant in a Market event.

Once set up and deployed alongside an upcoming market, the List will function at its basis to create a "whitelisted" sale - just add in the wallet address and assign them a full allocation. Where our Lists become potentially even more useful is the ability to assign differing allocations on an individual wallet basis. This allows token allocation via tiered access, according to lottery, extra allocation for NFT holders - cook something new up for your launch!

List Options

During the Market creation section of MISO, launch creators can opt to add a list for their token sale. The owner can assign a list operator - an address or a contract that can modify the list. Multiple operators can be added, if required.

Once activated on a Miso Market, the amount allocated to a wallet on the list is taken as the amount allowed to commit. Operators can add and remove new addresses to the List during the period up to and during their projects Market Sale. Once an address has been added to the List as a participant, Operators similarly will be able to add and remove 'points' from each address.

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